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सबसे बड़ी 10 बिटकॉइन एक्सचेंज चोरी | 8 Lacs Bitcoin Stolen | Bitcoin Basi...

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This video covers some of the thefts , hacks from cryptocurrency exchanges of all times
1: Mt Gox ,

From JAPAN ,

The largest cryptocurrency exchange of its time

Lost $450million

First Hack ::

June 2011 , 2609 Bitcoin hacked

Second hack ::

Feb 2014 , 850,000 BTCs (around $350 million) went missing from the exchange

Mt.Gox filed for bankruptcy and Investors lost their funds and no refunds were made to them

2: Bitfloor,

The cryptocurrency exchange in USA

Lost 24000 BTC to hackers in Sept 2012,

The exchange’s hot wallet data was mistakenly held on the company’s servers which led to the hack.

No bitcoins were returned to customers after the hack and customers never saw their funds again.

3: Picostocks,

A niche bitcoin firm engaged in Bitcoin stock market ,

6000 BTC were hacked

November 2013,

4: Poloniex

A cryptocurrency exchange from USA

Lost 12.3% of its BTC in March 2014

CEO made a decision – all balances were evened out to lose these 12.3%.

5: Mt Gox

Feb 2014, 750,000 BITCOIN were stolen . The company filed bankruptcy


One of the big exchanges of its times, the solvenian exchange was started as an alternative to Mt Gox

But 19000 BTC were stolen

Jan 2015

Bitstamp still continues to operate


One of the big exchanges of present times , also known as the creator of USDT Tether. Inspite of having multisignature technology ,

it lost 1,20,000 BTC

Aug 2016

To compensate the loss of the customers, Bitfinex issued BFX tokens for victims that were redeemable in USD

8: Nicehash

Though not an exchange but rather a cloud mining service

Lost 4000 BTC

In 2017

----------2018 ----

9: Coincheck

One of the largest exchanges of JAPAN

Lost 534 million dollars worth of NEM coin

Jan 2018

10 Bitgrail

Though not a big exchange but the largest in terms of Raiblock or Nano coins trade.

In feb 2018 , lost 17million Nano or Raiblocks amount 195 million dollars.

Bit grail though has promised to refund some amount of the lost RAIBLOCKS via their respective currency, but is yet to resume the operations

11: Coinsecure

The Indian exchange

Lost 438 Bitcoins

In April 2018

The matter is under investigation and exchange has been halted owing to various investigation procedures.


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