Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How To Create Paper Wallet In Hindi | Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency | Bitcoin Basics Club

How To Create Paper Wallet In Hindi | Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency | Bitcoin Basics Club

This is an amazing and most important video with regards to secure your Bitcoin.
This tutorial teaches you how to secure your Bitcoins using Paper wallet. It tells you how to create a paper wallet.
Kindly note paper wallet contains two strings of characters ::
1: Wallet Address
2: Private key
In order to create the paper wallet following is the process
1: Go to www.Bitaddress.org
2: turn off the wi-fi / internet connection
3: randomly move the cursor on the screen
4: by dafualt 1 paper wallet is created. it conatins set of Bitcoin Wallet Address and Private Key
5: In order to create more such wallets choose the option
6: print this wallet or note down the wallet address and private key
7: To increase the security of the wallet address, private key can be further locked with a passphrase or a password
--- tick BIP38 -- fill a passphrase of your choice --- click "generate" -- the wallet generated has private keeys secured with the passphrase chosen

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