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Nasha Jaruri Hai? | Ek Beeta Hua Kal (Ateet) Song Teaser| Ziddi Maanik | Quick WebSter

Nasha Jaruri Hai? Ek Beeta Hua Kal (Ateet) in this song and this is time to the success of ours and we are promised that To eliminate drunkenness. If you like this video so please like, comment, and share this video.
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Song Details:

Song: Nasha Ek Beeta Hua Kal | Ziddi Maanik
Lyrics: Maanik Siwach
Singers: Maanik Siwach (Ziddi Maanik)
Editor: Magneto Mohit
Music: Swag Beats
Special Thanks To: Invincible Entertainments, Dance World Crew Group, Prince Jivanu, Tech2Fire Ads
Media Partner: Quick WebSter Inc.(, Tech2Fire Ads (, Magneto Mohit

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Jio data leak news

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